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Client-Focused. Value-Driven.






CLIent-Focused, Value-Driven Results


Legal Executive Leadership, LLC is a woman-owned law practice management consulting business.

Susan Hackett, LEL’s CEO, has earned the trust of thousands of leaders in corporate legal practice by defining and delivering value to legal departments (and those who serve them) for more than 30 years.



Consulting on law department strategy and operations, including: 

re-engineering department operations, improving internal workflow, right-sourcing external vendors (law firms and legal service providers), leveraging data and technology, performance metrics, evaluation and continuous improvement, lean process and project management strategies, developing a business-aligned partnership with clients, benchmarking for leading success practices, in-house professional development, high-performing team strategies, and more…


Advisory services for those who serve corporate counsel, including:

distinguishable service strategies, fee and pricing structures, staffing options, increasing profitability via efficiency (rather than higher rates), knowledge management practices, assessing client satisfaction and needs, and more…




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