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A representative list of services provided by LEL to law departments since our founding in 2011:





  • create department productivity and efficiency metrics/KPIs; establish reporting processes and data sharing that demonstrates the value of the legal department

  • improve talent/competency/performance assessments for in-house counsel; establish lawyer evaluation, promotion, and succession processes

  • build professional development programs that re-tool lawyers with critical business skills;

  • help lawyers adopt and adapt to technology and data-driven practices

  • advise on project and process management implementation; explore work processes, budget and cost assessments, as well as more efficient staffing options

  • develop knowledge-based resources and practices that help lawyers capture experiences, leverage data, and avoid “re-inventing” the wheel with each iteration of work 

  • benchmark leading practices and assess their application to client needs

  • design global / cross-border service models

  • implement successful professional initiatives: diversity, public service, pro bono

  • navigate complex legal ethics and professional regulation challenges





  • consult on law department process, structure, and legal service delivery options

  • facilitate strategic planning initiatives / implement ensuing action plans

  • facilitate executive and leadership “change” discussions

  • plan and deliver innovative and purpose-driven department retreats.   

  • develop corporate client survey tools and needs assessments; help the department better align service and priorities to corporate client expectations

  • improve focus on pro-active (rather than just reactive or management of) legal and business counseling services: business advancement, compliance, risk assessment and minimization, and preventive legal strategies

  • communicate quantifiable value via metrics and assessment/analytics projects

  • stimulate engaged operations re-engineering projects

  • implement successful professional initiatives: diversity, public service, pro bono







  • develop service provider selection strategies; create criteria and evaluation process for preferred provider selection and help conduct convergence processes

  • understand cost, pricing, and fee structures that better connect cost to value; help team members decide which fee options are best suited to different matters/work flows, and how budgets should be managed

  • conduct after-actions, needs assessments, and surveys to measure and then act on department satisfaction with outside counsel or vendor services

  • develop law department / law firm collaboration projects that focus on improved communication and engagement

  • develop client service, retention guidelines, procurement and expense policies, as well as other matter engagement strategies

  • consider a wider variety of staffing options, as well as multi-disciplinary vendors (beyond law firms); implement strategies that create virtual and collaborative teams

2010 - present

2010 - present

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