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Corporate clients don't have legal problems, they have business problems.  

LEL helps its clients deliver business-aligned solutions.



Legal Executive Leadership helps law departments (and the service providers who support them) deliver the value and results their clients want.  We help legal executives move their focus from re-active to pro-active service strategies, and to select and reward service providers and highly trained team members who demonstrate distinguishing value.  We help law department operations leaders to re-engineer their service models based on lean corporate business practices, improved technology and workflow management, and data-driven decision-making.

LEL offers clients both strategic counseling, as well as hands-on assistance with implementing change.

Susan Hackett’s position as the general counsel of ACC for more than two decades provided her with unparalleled exposure to and familiarity with the widest variety of issues and corporate legal practice settings imaginable: she’s worked with and learned from large global legal teams, solo and small legal departments, CLOs and operations leaders from every industry and jurisdiction.  (Read more)

Susan is one of the most sought-after thought-leaders and dynamic speakers in the legal industry vertical.  Click here to read more about retaining her to speak at your event. 

Click here for a representative list of those LEL has had the pleasure of serving as “paying clients.”  Click here to read testimonials.

LEL is confident of its value, and so we offer our clients a value guarantee (hat tip to Valorem Law Group.)

If, at the completion of the project, you decide that the services that LEL provided did not return the results or the value you expected, you can adjust our agreed-upon fees downward to reflect what you thought the service was worth. Our only caveat is to request that clients pay in full for any out-of-pocket expenses that they requested and authorized, such as travel expenses or fees for outsourcing a task at the client's request.


Many of the challenges (and, therefore, opportunities) of today’s legal marketplace stem from the growing number of providers who wish to serve corporate clients directly: strong expertise is table-stakes these days.  LEL helps law firms, legal service providers, technology companies, and other legal industry leaders learn more about what constitutes distinguishable and valuable service to corporate clients.  Read more about how LEL has helped law firms and other service providers leverage the changing legal marketplace and better serve corporate clients whose expectations are rising.



LEL will design a detailed project proposal that is custom fit to your project’s needs.Susan Hackett is LEL’s primary service leader. It’s her unique expertise and knowledge that most clients retain LEL to secure.  For larger projects that require more than Susan’s talents, we contract the exact expertise needed from her extensive network of multi-disciplinary experts, and include their fully loaded cost in our bid. You get just the service and expertise you need – and you don’t pay to support a larger team of workers who are on staff.



LEL contracts its work using flat fees (for stages, tasks, or completed project bids); we also use incentive fee structures when appropriate. While we are happy to discuss most any kind of fee arrangement, we do not generally price or sell hours: instead, we price results at costs that are consistent with the work’s value: to you, to us, and in the marketplace. This provides clients with the ability to decide in advance if the bid is consistent with the value of the work, and is within their budget. Once we agree on the scope of the project and how the work will be performed, as our client, you no longer have to worry about predictable cost or whether the right talent will be assigned: it’s part of our contract and subject to our guarantee.


Disclaimer: Legal Executive Leadership, LLC is a law practice management consulting firm for lawyers and those in the legal services industry.

It is not a law firm; it does not offer, and is not authorized to provide, legal advice or counseling in any jurisdiction.

LEL is not a CPA firm: we do not provide attest services, audits, or other engagements in accordance with standards established by any public accounting regulatory authority.



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