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A representative list of services provided by LEL to other service providers since our founding in 2011:




  • develop strategies for improving collaborative and sustainable relationships between the firm and client legal departments

  • plan and deliver innovative and purpose-driven retreats (See Susan@YourMeeting)

  • facilitate strategic planning initiatives/implement ensuing action plans

  • consult on process, structure, and legal service delivery options

  • explore work processes and more efficient staffing options

  • understand cost, pricing, and fee structures that better connect cost to value

  • conduct after-actions and surveys to assess client perceptions, satisfaction, and needs

  • implement internal and external evaluation and assessment tools and processes that assure continuous improvement and comparative analyses

  • develop knowledge-based resources that help lawyers or other experts capture experiences, leverage data, and avoid “re-inventing” the wheel with each iteration of work  

  • build professional development programs in law firms that re-tool lawyers with critical business and client-facing service skills

  • execute successful legal diversity and pro bono initiatives

  • develop projects that focus on improved communication and engagement

  • develop client service guidelines and matter engagement strategies

  • understand how to determine cost of service, project pricing, and custom fee structures that better connect cost to value

  • benchmark leading practices in your "space" and assess their application to client needs



2010 - present

2010 - present

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