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Pricing: LEL prices its work using flat fees (for stages and complete project bids); we also use incentive fee structures when appropriate. We do not price or sell hours at variable rates: we price results at costs that are consistent with the work’s value. This provides clients with the ability to decide in advance if the service is within their budget, and offers the confidence that the work will be done at a predictable price. Once we agree on the scope of the work, as our client, you no longer have to worry about whether we will deliver on budget: it’s our guarantee.




LEL is confident of its value, and so we offer our clients a  service guarantee  (hat tip to Valorem Law Group, for pioneering this approach in legal services).







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If, at the completion of the project, you decide that the services that LEL provided did not return the results or the value you expected, you can adjust our agreed-upon fees downward to reflect what you thought the service was worth.  Our only caveat is to request that clients pay in full for any out-of-pocket expenses that they requested and authorized, such as travel expenses or fees for outsourcing a task at your request.



Contracting: LEL will design a detailed project proposal that is custom fit to your project’s needs. Susan Hackett is LEL’s primary service leader. It’s her unique expertise and knowledge that most clients retain LEL to secure. For larger projects that require more than Susan’s talents, we contract the exact expertise needed from her extensive network of multi-disciplinary experts, and include their fees/costs in our bid. You get just the service and expertise you need – you decide what the work is worth and whether there's value in what we provide.  You never pay to support large administrative overhead, or a large team of workers who aren't working on your matter.

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